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The Center for Geriatric Medicine at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center offers patient-centered, family-oriented senior care services that span the continuum of care for older adults.  We provide programs to assess and manage the needs of frail elders.  The hallmark of our program is board-certified geriatricians (physicians specifically trained in the care of frail older adults) working in collaboration with certified gerontologic nurse practitioners and social workers (and  nurses).  Our health professionals blend highly skilled medical expertise with personalized patient-doctor relationships.


Outpatient Senior Care
University Foley ElderHealth Center (216-844-6300) is devoted to the health and well-being of today’s older adults, a population that can reasonably expect to remain active and independent longer than past generations.  We provide two types of services.  Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment, an in-depth evaluation and review of the older adult focusing on geriatric syndromes, functional disabilities, and the impact of medications on the health and well-being of the older adult.  Patients can expect a full explanation of prescribed medications and how they affect the body, what to expect during diagnostic or treatment procedures and the results of tests, so that the patient and family can make informed decisions about care and treatment.  This consultative service is initiated by the primary care physician, patient, family member, or other health professional.  
Comprehensive care is also provided at the ElderHealth Center to individuals requiring co-management along with their primary care physician of senior-specific problems, or requesting ongoing care.  Beyond primary care, our physicians include neurologists who specialize in neurologic diseases of the elderly.  We also provide palliative care consultations.  All have access to UHHS specialists in urology, psychology, orthopaedics, endocrinology, rheumatology and dozens of other areas of medicine for consultation or referral, when needed.

       University Foley ElderHealth Center at a glance:

  • Staffed by specially trained, highly skilled geriatricians, neurologists, gerontologic nurses and social workers
  • Enjoys 99% patient satisfaction ratings
  • Provides one-time comprehensive geriatric assessments
  • Conducts routine exams and visits
  • Monitors senior-specific chronic conditions on a regular basis
  • Facilitates access to University Hospitals’ specialists
  • Supports patients and their families with physicians, nurses, and social workers

Comprehensive primary senior care is provided near university circle at the Eliza Bryant Village Primary Care Clinic (216-844-5482). 


Inpatient Senior Care
       Geriatric Inpatient Consultation
The Center for Geriatric Medicine operates a geriatric consultation service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  To contact the geriatrician on-call, call 216-464-8410,pager 37420. 
Our geriatrician works with the primary medical/surgical team to address problems associated with the acute care of older frail adults.  We staff the Lakeside 20 Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) interdisciplinary team rounds.  We address geriatric syndromes such as dementia/cognitive impairment, acute confusion/delirium, depression, functional impairment, polypharmacy, pressure ulcers, urinary incontinence, falls, and problematic discharge planning.  We can reduce the clinical burden associated with complicated nursing home patients or patients with frequent readmissions.

       Palliative Care Consultation Service
The UH Palliative Care Consult Service provides consultative services to address issues of pain and other symptoms, as well as communication to clarify goals of care or share difficult information with patients and families.  Palliative Care is evidence-based interdisciplinary care; manages challenging symptoms including shortness of breath, restlessness, nausea, vomiting, pain; coordinates with active treatment; offers time for complex communication regarding goals of care and treatment options; supports the primary team.  Further information is available through the UH website.  Service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  To contact the palliative care team, call 216-464-8410 pager 35614.


Transitional Care
       Skilled Nursing Home Medical Care
Our medical staff provides medical services to patients transitioning from hospital to skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation or skilled nursing services and then back home.  We work at specific facilities within the University Hospitals primary service area.  Currently we provide medical services at UH Hanna House, The McGregor Home and Gardens, The Montefiore Home, and the Eliza Bryant Village.

       Long-Term Care
Our medical staff also provides medical care to residents of selected nursing facilities who are long term residents of those facilities.  Currently we provide medical services at UH Hanna House, The McGregor Home and Gardens, The Montefiore Home, and the Eliza Bryant Village.

       Medical Direction in Long Term Care
Our geriatricians are experts in directing medical services and working with nursing facilities to improve communication and processes of care within the nursing facility.  We serve as medical directors at several facilities in the UH primary service area.


Home and Community-based Care
       Medical Care in the Home
The Case/UH House Calls Program (216-844-5482) provides physician / nurse practitioner medical care in the home for low mobility home bound and bedbound patients living within a 7 mile radius of the Case Medical Center.  People are appropriate if they cannot “get to the curb” to pick up traditional forms of transportation to go to the doctor’s office.  The primary goal of this program is to provide access to care for seniors no longer able to visit the doctor.  In addition to addressing routine medical problems we provide specialized palliative care services in conjunction with our hospital Palliative Care Consultation Service.  Our medical team also provides one-time in-home comprehensive assessments; reviewing problems such as falls, memory loss, the impact of the environment on the health and safety of the older adult, polypharmacy, and urinary incontinence.


Education and Training
The Center for Geriatric Medicine at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is actively engaged in training tomorrow’s health professionals in senior care.  We educate and train students (medical, nursing and social work), medical residents (family medicine and internal medicine), and geriatric fellows in the unique aspects of care of the elderly and palliative medicine.  Our UH/VA Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program (216-844-6338) is a collaborative training effort between University Hospitals and the Veteran’s Administration.  We offer 4 fellowship positions per year for up to 3 years to interested physicians seeking additional, specialized training in geriatric medicine.  The 1 year fellowship is clinically focused.  2 and 3 year fellowships include additional research training.  Our fellowships can be done in coordination with other Master’s level training such as a Master’s in Public Health at CWRU or the Clinical Research master’s program.