School of Medicine



Core Projects

Since 1998, the residents and the Director of the program, Dr. Mori, have visited several countries doing consulting work and rotations.

Consultation Work
Year Country Setting Sponsoring Organization
1997-1998 Laos PDR Surgical care for the war wounded Health Frontiers/War Victims' Fund, USAID
1998-2000 Kosovo, Former Yugoslavia Bedside training for physicians at primary care clinic under civil war in Kosovo Kinderberg International, e.V./UNHCH
1998-2000 Yemen Design and analysis of a health assessment survey in Jibla hospital Southern Baptist Missionaries
1998-2000 Ukraine Family Medicine training system L'viv, Ukraine, USAID
2000-2001 Prizren, Kosovo Prizren hospital department of pediatrics bedside round Kinderberg International, e.V.
2001 Khon Kaen, Thailand 1-week intensive refugee medicine training AAP/Khon Kaen University, Thailand
2000-2013 Medical Advisory Board Strategic planning and overseeing all medical projects Kinderberg International, e.V.
2001-2002 Honduras Assessment of participatory management program in reproductive health JICA/MOH, Honduras
2002 Peshawar, Pakistan 1-week intensive refugee medicine training AAP/PPA
2002 Peshawar, Pakistan Technical consultation for nutritional surveillance and primary care training IMC Pakistan/Ibn Sina
2002-2003 Afghanistan Emergency clinic for mothers and children, Kabul and Logar province Kinderberg International, e.V. (KBI)/MOH Afghanistan
2000 Damascus, Syria 1-week intensive refugee medicine training MOH Syria/AAP
2004-2005 Afghanistan Project evaluation for MCH clinic in Kabul and Logar province MOH Afghanistan/Kinderberg International, e.V.
2005-2008 Guatemala Child Health project in Quetzaltenango JICA/MOH Guatemala
2007-2008 Nepal Primary care for disarmed Maoist combatants GTZ, Germany/Kinderberg International, e.V.
2008 Vietnam Provincial Hospital strengthening program Japanese Bank for International Development (JBID)/JICA
2005-2013 Afghanistan Primary care in 3 provinces in northern Afghanistan KBI/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Germany
2013 Tanzania St. Raphael hospital, Korogwe, Tanga Tanzania and district hospital, public-private partnership (PPP) assessment and training program Unitarian Church Diocese in Cleveland/Tanga
2012 - Present Guatemala Health Education module development and implementation, Panajachel Mercado Global (MG)
2013 - Present Thailand Provincial hospital family medicine strengthening program Chiang Rai Provincial Hospital
2014 - Present China Bedside teaching for inpatient medicine at the 2nd affiliated hospital of Zhejiang University school of medicine Zhejiang University/CWRU SOM
2015 - Present Tanzania Consultant for PPP in Tabora municipal health system and Shinyanga regional health system Tabora & Shinyanga Provincial governments, Tanzania
2015 - Present Sudan Consultant for primary care system/public health, Peace-building in 3 provinces in Darfur, Sudan JICA


Residents' Rotation Sites
Year Country Setting Sponsoring Organization
1998-1999 India OB and prenatal care Mumbai municipal hospital, India
1999-2000 Haiti HIV clinic GHESKIO: Haitian Group for the Study of Kapasi's Sarcoma and Opportunistic Infections, Haiti
1999-2000 Kosovo Primary care training center International Medical Corp, California
1999-2000 Thailand Karen refugee clinic Mae Tao Clinic, Thailand
2000-2001 Ghana Diabetic clinic Kumasi clinic, Kumasi, Ghana
2000-2001 Saudi Arabia Lyad primary care clinic MOH, Saudi Arabia
2001-2002 Morocco Village of Hope orphanage, Ain Leuh Village of hope Ain Leuh, Morocco
2002-2003 Kenya Tenwek Hospital Samaritan's Purse/World Medical Mission, North Carolina
2003-2004 Uganda University Clinic at Kampala Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda
2004-2005 Thailand Psychosocial training for Tsunami victim in Ranong province Department of Psychiatry, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
2005-2006 El Salvador FUSAL clinic in San Salvador FUSAL, El Salvador
2006-2007 Uganda HIV clinic JCRC, Mekerere University, Uganda
2007-2008 Guatemala Quetzaltenango child health project JICA/MOH, Guatemala
2008-2009 Nepal Primary surgery in remote village KBI/KinderPlast
2012-2013 Guatemala MG project for community health Mercado Global
2013-2014 Guatemala MG project for community health Mercado Global
2014-2015 Guatemala MG project for community health Mercado Global
2014-2015 Thailand Strengthening family medicine in provincial hospital Chiang Rai Provincial Hospital
2015-2017 Guatemala MG project for community health Mercado Global
2017-Present Tanzania Public-private partnership (PPP) consultation, bedside education Shinyanga Regional Hospital