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Program Director

Dr. Masahiro Morikawa, as well as being the director for the Global Health Track, serves as the director for the family medicine inpatient service. He graduated medical school from Tokyo Medical University in Tokyo, Japan. He went on to complete a residency in Traumatology and Critical Care in Japan before moving to the U.S. where he completed an MPH from John Hopkins University and subsequently his residency training in Family Medicine at University Hospitals Cleveland/Case Medical Center.

Dr. Morikawa's international health experience has led him to work as a health consultant to multiple countries and organizations. He has over 25 years of experience traveling to and working in countries like Afghanistan, Laos, Kosovo, Vietnam, Guatemala, Nepal, and Honduras.

Recently Dr. Morikawa's achievements were recognized by the American Academy of Family Physicians and was awarded the 2013 Exemplary Teaching Award for full time faculty. Prior to this Dr. Morikawa received the Family Medicine Educator of the Year Award for 2011, awarded by the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians.

Currently, he is an academic hospitalist covering 24-26 weeks a year and is on the road for about 2 months a year practicing global health in many different countries.

His focus in the past few years has been on:

1. Continue his consulting work through GO and NGO, engaging in primary care development particularly in post-conflict communities.

2. Offer the Global Health Workshop nationally in September every year with an Asher lecture on global health given by a guest speaker.

3. Continue with the revision of his "Global Health Handbook". Recently he finished the 6th edition.


Our residents work in conjunction with the program director to create a community of globally minded health care providers and help make the Global Health Track and its work as successful as possible.

Current Residents

  • Grant W Potter - PGY3
  • Lorella Luezas - PGY3
  • Lauren Kreiger - PGY3
  • Amina Egwiekhor - PGY2
Past Graduates

 Class of 2016:

Bartlomiej Rog
Navpreet Singh

 Class of 2015:

Adithi Naidu
Sarah Sweeney

 Class of 2014:

Aisha Al-Kubaisi
Alexandria Howard
Umair Malik
Gurpreet Randhawa

 Class of 2013:

Melanie Golembiewski
Nek Nazary
Mehul Patel
Rishi Sareen

 Class of 2012:

Urooj Bakht
Hetal Patel
Emily Soni

 Class of 2011:

Rasai Ernst
Maya Ghorayeb
Anne Marie Samaha
Sacha Shaw
Ankoor Soni
Todd Wagner

 Class of 2010:

Daranee Intralawan
Chanipreet Kochhar
Jakleen Labbad
Abigail Kiwtger
Patricia Mladenov
Baran Onder

 Class of 2009:

Emma Brooks
Hisam Goueli

 Class of 2008:

Kate Conway
Daniel Keaton
Isabelle E Lane
Kerry Lecky
Sandra Thomas

 Class of 2007:

Cynthia Brewer
Swee Foong Ng
Sujaya Vijayakumar

 Class of 2006:

Aaron Lear
Craig E Marshall

 Class of 2005:

Tomas Gigena
Bobby Singh

 Class of 2004:

Anisa Ssengoba

 Class of 2003:

Julia Son
Grace Song

 Class of 2002:

David Bivins
Nova Law

 Class of 2001:

Amal Al-Buraiki

 Class of 2000:

Laura Dorr
Shan Mohammed