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Care of Medically Vulnerable Populations




All residents in the Family Medicine Residency at University Hospitals Case Medical Center are educated to care for all patients, specifically including those from vulnerable and underserved patient populations. In addition, the Care of the Medically Vulnerable Populations (CMVP) Track is an elective curriculum to help meet the needs of our residents who want extra training and a certification of special emphasis in their program.

Our intention is to improve the overall skills and competency of all our graduates in the care of all medically underserved and vulnerable patients, but will focus on enhancing and expanding our curriculum for four target populations in our patient community: adolescents, homeless persons, persons with substance use disorders (SUD), and the elderly.

Primary care physicians are critical to the nation’s efforts to reduce and eliminate health disparities. We believe that physicians who are skilled to address the unique needs of these four vulnerable groups will be well situated to care for all underserved groups. Our program is well equipped to do this training because there is a pool of talented and well-trained faculty who bring expertise, commitment and a set of relationships with other community groups that seek to improve the health of the same vulnerable groups.

In order for residents to be skilled, competent, and confident in providing care to vulnerable populations they must have ample opportunities to learn new material, practice new skills in safe environments, and apply the knowledge and skills in clinical care under the guidance of  knowledgeable faculty .  The positive personalized learning experiences offered by our curricular enhancements will have an impact on attitudes as well as on the knowledge and clinical mastery of our trainees.

Please review this website for more information about the specifics of the CMVP training in our program and thank you for your interest in caring for the medically underserved. I encourage you to contact me with questions.

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