Case School of Medicine



QUOTES from former students

Introductory Spanish

“I was so happy that this course was available to us. We gain a foundation in the basics of Spanish in a fun, collegial environment. I am looking forward to continuing with more classes, as a working knowledge of Spanish will be invaluable to communicating with my future patients.”
Katie Wang, Introductory Spanish student

“Introductory Spanish provided an incredible opportunity for me to learn Spanish in a small group setting with my medical school peers. Having taken undergraduate Spanish 101 in a lecture format, it is amazing to see how much more progress I am making because of the group dynamic. This is a wonderful class and I would recommend it enthusiastically.”
- Andy Coyle, Introductory Spanish student

“This course is so great and taught so well that even a slow-learning faculty member can take it.”
- Charles Kent Smith, Introductory Spanish student

Medical Spanish I

“Medical Spanish I was a fantastic elective! The Spanish language patient interview at the end of the semester made me feel like I’m making progress, and I’m looking forward to Medical Spanish II.”
- Mallory Kremer, Medical Spanish I student

 “This is a great program, and I truly enjoyed it. The teachers are committed to you learning how to communicate in Spanish.”
- Alicia Shelly, Medical Spanish I student

Medical Spanish II

 “Medicine really has a language of its own. As a native Spanish speaker, I found that the AMSP allowed me to expand my Spanish skills beyond conversational or professional to medical. It also gave me an extra opportunity to cement concepts learned during physical diagnosis and foundations of clinical medicine.”
- Emily Goldman-Huertas, Medical Spanish II student

 “There’s nothing like learning the medical vocabulary from a native speaker. Our instructors were great at making us aware of cultural and linguistic variations we should expect to find in Cleveland-area Spanish speaking patients. We were also able to get extensive feedback after evaluating a standardized patient.”
- Scott Homer, Medical Spanish II student

 “Being a native-speaker, I already knew that I would be a help to my Spanish-speaking patients. The Medical Spanish II course has started to equip me with the skills to become a bridge between my patients and the often intimidating technical, medical jargon. I can’t wait to participate in the next phase of the program.”
- Marielena Velez, Medical Spanish II student