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Office of Academic Advising: Consult Services Program

Program Advisor: Dr. Steven Ricanati, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Office of Student Affairs and the Academic Societies


The School of Medicine Consult Services Program has been developed to provide medical students with the opportunity for learning assistance outside of class. The program offers individual and group study opportunities throughout the academic year.

Vision: The OAA is committed to helping students master the medical school curriculum.

Mission: To provide all students with access to tutorial help for content mastery and personal productivity tools


  1. Consult tables: regularly scheduled drop in sessions during the pre-clinical curriculum, staffed by a structure and block content specialist
  2. Individual/group tutoring: students may arrange individual or group sessions which are sponsored by the school.
  3. Time management and Study Skills Counseling: to help students improve their personal productivity

Consult Tables is a devoted weekly time for students to come in with questions or to work through assignments. Topics may vary and can include study tips, board prep, class assignments, and general topic review. Students should come with specific questions when possible, but group learning is also promoted, and students should feel welcome to come work on assignments, asking for assistance as needed.

The sessions are designed to meet the needs of first- and second-year medical students and can be modified to fit the content currently being covered in the curriculum. Consult Tables sessions provide a content expert for block materials as well as an expert for structure (anatomy). This student-run organization works directly with the academic deans to ensure that students are receiving the assistance they need when they need it. Consult Tables leaders keep students updated by e-mailing Consult Table reminders and announcements on a regular basis.

Time-Management and Study Skills Counseling is an additional resource of the Consult Services Program. Ms. Judith Olson-Hammer, Director of the University's Educational Services for Students (ESS), will meet with medical students to discuss strategies for time-management, studying, and note-taking relevant to our problem-based curriculum. Ms. Olson-Hammer has several designated appointment slots each week at the School of Medicine from early September through the end of April. Students will be e-mailed as soon as these time slots are open for self-scheduling. Alternatively, students can make an appointment to see Ms. Olson-Hammer at her office in Sears 470 (on the quad) by calling 216.368.5230 or by e-mailing her at



The Office of Academic Advising operates under the umbrella of the Office of Student Affairs and the Academic Societies.

Published and maintained by the Office of Student Affairs and the Academic Societies
Revised 3/02/17