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Committee on Students


The Committee on Students (COS) is a standing committee of the Faculty of Medicine charged with the responsibility of reviewing the total performance of all students in the School of Medicine. By approval of this charge, the Faculty of Medicine delegates to the COS the authority for decisions on student standing and student promotions. The COS will recommend to the Faculty of Medicine candidates for the award of the degree of doctor of medicine. A summary of the actions of the COS will be reported to the faculty annually.

Because of significant differences in the curriculum and assessment of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine (CCLCM), the Committee on Students delegates to its subcommittee, the Medical Student Performance Review Committee (MSPRC), the review of Case Western Reserve University students enrolled in the CCLCM. Each year, the MSPRC will provide the COS with a report of its recommendations for promotion and remediation. In the case of recommendations for dismissal or repetition of a year, the Chair of the MSPRC will present that case and recommendation to the COS at the next scheduled COS meeting, rather than waiting for the annual report. The COS will be responsible for either approving or not approving the recommendations of the MSPRC. If the COS does not approve a decision of the MSPRC, the COS will direct the MSPRC to take an alternative action.


The COS will review, as indicated, a given student’s total performance. This will include not only the usual indices, such as formal grades and evaluations, but also the professional attitudes and behavior manifested by the student. Medical school education entails the mastery of didactic, theoretical, and technical matters as well as the demonstration of appropriate professional and interpersonal behavior, sensitivity, sense of responsibility, and ethics and the ability to comport oneself suitably with patients, colleagues, and coworkers. The COS acts on behalf of the Faculty of Medicine in disciplinary matters involving medical students and upholds the Standards of Conduct and Judicial Procedures as described in the Case Western Reserve University Undergraduate Student Handbook.

Meetings and Attendance:

The COS will meet at regular intervals according to a schedule set by the chair at the beginning of each school year. Special meetings may be called by the chair. The presence of a simple majority of voting members will be considered a quorum and official decisions of the COS will require either the affirmative or negative vote of a simple majority of the total voting membership. Appointment of a member may be terminated by the chair if the member misses more than two of the scheduled meetings during an academic year.

The chair will be responsible for composing an agenda and arranging for its delivery to all members prior to the meetings. The chair will preside and the secretary will be responsible for recording the minutes. Minutes of the immediately prior meeting will be distributed at each meeting and approval and/or revision will be the first order of business. Presentation of specific information concerning the performance of a student will be the responsibility of the deans of student affairs.

Reasonable efforts will be made to contact students whose individual performance is to be reviewed so that the individual may have the opportunity to present pertinent information. All members, voting and non-voting, may participate in discussions. All proceedings of the COS are strictly confidential and should not be discussed by members with non-members. All communications concerning actions of the COS will come through the dean of student affairs or the dean’s designate. Members are expected to consider carefully whether or not their personal relationship with a student might impair their objectivity such that they should absent themselves from any discussion or vote. Actions of the COS will be transmitted to the student by letter from a dean of student affairs within three business days of the decision.


Students have the right to request reconsideration of decisions made by the COS, including those recommended by the MSPRC.

Notice to request a hearing must be presented in writing to the Senior or Associate Dean of Students (University Program) or the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (College Program) within ten days of the student’s receipt of the initial decision. The formal written request should be supplemented by a statement of the student’s reason(s) for requesting an appeal and faculty who can provide pertinent information in support of the reconsideration. If approved, the appeal will be scheduled for the next regular meeting of the COS. The student is expected to be available to address the COS and respond to questions at the reconsideration hearing. The student has the right to have a faculty advocate appear with them before the COS. No other advisor or advocate, other than the CWRU faculty member designated by the student, is permitted to accompany the student to the hearing. The advocate may not be a family member. The student and advocate are not present during the discussions and vote to either sustain or alter the original decision. The Chair, the student’s Society Dean, the Senior Associate Dean or the Associate Dean of Student Affairs will communicate the COS’s decision to the student in writing within 3 business days after the hearing.


Appeals may be made concerning the decision following the hearing process to the dean of the School of Medicine on the basis of the use of inappropriate procedures. The dean may then request that the committee reconsider the case and relate the reasons for the request. The committee will then reconsider the case and either sustain or alter the original action.


The COS is a standing committee of at least nine voting members, including a chairperson who is appointed in accordance with the bylaws of the Faculty of Medicine. Nine members will be elected by the Faculty of Medicine from among its membership; the dean of the School of Medicine will have the prerogative of appointing up to four additional voting members if deemed advisable. At least four members will be from the preclinical departments and at least five from the clinical departments. In addition, a dean's designate will serve ex officio with vote. The following will serve as ex officio members without vote: the deans of student affairs; the chair of the Committee on Medical Education, the vice dean for medical education; the associate dean of curriculum, the assistant dean for basic science, the assistant dean for clinical education, and the chair of the MSPRC or his/her designee; and the registrar of the School of Medicine, who will serve as secretary. The COS may invite others to its meetings.

The term of office of the elected members is five years. Elections will be staggered so that at least one member will be replaced or re-elected each year. An elected member resigning during a term of office shall be replaced by appointment made by the chair of the Faculty Council; an appointed member resigning during a term of office shall be replaced by appointment made by the dean or the dean's designee.



Approved by vote of the Faculty Council November 16, 2015

Published and maintained by the Office of Student Affairs and the Academic Societies
Revised 3/07/17