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Summary of 9-20-01 CME Minutes 

  1. Introduction by Dr. LaManna of new CME members.  Membership has been increased in accordance with the new CME Charge, approved by the Faculty of Medicine June 13, 2001.  Increased number of newly elected voting members serving three-year terms:  Drs. Mireille Boutry, Jason Chao, Hue-Lee Kaung, and Terry Wolpaw.  Addition of three appointed voting members consisting of the three council heads:  Dr. Christopher Brandt (Chair, Clinical Rotation Development Council), Dr. William Merrick (Chair, Curriculum Leadership Council), and Dr. Tarvez Tucker (Coordinator, Flexible Program).  Dr. Smith mentioned that Dr. Charles Malemud, Associate Coordinator of the Flexible Program, will be a voting delegate when Dr. Tarvez Tucker is unable to attend CME meetings due to her pre-scheduled clinical responsibilities.  

  2. Distribution of sheet entitled “Correction to the Report on the Flexible Program:  2000-2001 Academic Year” to replace some incorrect figures released in the annual report presented to the CME on May 10, 2001.  

  3. The CME’s main focus this year will be on the renovation of the Flexible Program.  

  4. Mrs. Saha announced that there will be an Ovid technologies demonstration
    sponsored by OhioLINK Thursday, September 27 in room E324 of the School of Medicine at 10:00 a.m.  CWRU already subscribes to Ovid’s evidence-based medicine product.  The session will present three clinical products—MedWeaver, Clineguide, and MedCases—along with Ovid’s online textbook product and a PDA-based service.  Mrs. Saha ( is interested in your input regarding the various products that might be considered for a group purchase by OhioLINK medical libraries.  

  5. Dr. Smith made two brief announcements:

  • March 10-14 are the dates of the LCME site visit.  We hope that members of the CME and the three councils will be active participants.

  • Due to the timeframe of the LCME-initiated CWRU Self-Study, the medical education retreat has been moved up.  The medical education retreat at Landerhaven will focus on the Self-Study and take place Wednesday, November 28, 2001.


  1. In light of this week’s tragic events (September 11, 2001), Dr. Haynie and Dr. Echols are putting together a post-traumatic stress syndrome program for students.  

  2. Dr. Nosek mentioned that computer-based exams were successfully initiated for all first year students.  Second year students are tested using basically the same system, although they are using paper exams.  Histology has been giving online pre-lab quizzes, which offer bonus points for students and help them focus on their neuroscience work.  The Nervous System Committee has also been offering many online activities for second year students.  

  3. Dr. Wish, Patient-Based Program Coordinator, mentioned that the third year is going well.  The only dissatisfaction expressed has been with the two orphan weeks of Psychiatry.  This is being discussed by the Clinical Rotation Development Council (CRDC).  

  4. Year II student Jim Lan presented the Student CME report:

  • Student enthusiasm (after initial apprehension) for Nervous System Committee small groups using online activities to enhance learning.  Dr. Nosek’s response to Mr. Lan’s inquiry whether the small group process online is meant to be phasing in to mainly computer learning for this year:  The Curriculum Leadership Council did not want to make a major change for the current Year II students.  Initiating online testing one class at a time was planned to start with the current Year I class.  Due to the labor-intensive nature of online conversions, it requires 11 BIT (Biomedical Information Technologies) staff members at a time to work on such online endeavors.

  • Student praise for faculty review session that took place after the Nervous System interim exam.  More than 50% of the Year II class participated.  Questions and answers were enlarged and posted along the walls and on screen, and students checked off which questions gave them the most trouble.  Since this was the Year II class, the exam was not on computer, so 1) test results could not be analyzed fast enough to be ready for the review session, and 2) faculty did not have the results of the exam.  Dr. Norman Robbins, Nervous System co-chair, made it clear that this particular review session was in no way setting any precedents.  Decisions to have review sessions of this type are left up to the individual committee chairs.  Students were highly appreciative of the opportunity to go over the exam as an extension of the learning process.  Both faculty and students interacted well and liked the review session.  Dr. Smith mentioned that the administration, Dr. Merrick (CLC chair), and the Academic Cabinet support opening up the exam process for those students wishing to go over their exam.  The CLC will resolve this issue.  Dr. Lan felt confident that his classmates would not reveal the test questions and answers to others, because they have not been able to have a post-exam review like this for such a long time.  An “honors” system prevailed, as students were told to put away their paper and computers prior to the review.  While the CME consensus seemed to be extremely favorable regarding this post-exam review session, there was also concern over the long-term that the security factor of divulging exam questions and answers could be a problem.

While students enjoyed being able to pinpoint a few answers that were wrong, Dr. Wile explained that an analysis of the class performance on each question is conducted after each interim examination is scored.  Those questions that do not meet technical standards are reviewed by the subject committee chair, who makes one of the following decisions:

  • Answer is correct as keyed

  • Change the answer

  • Accept more than one answer, or

  • Delete the question.

If the subject committee chair makes changes in the answer key or deletes questions, the examination is re-scored.  Our exams have to meet high technical standards.

  1. At the November 8 CME meeting, Dr. Peter Scoles, (former CWRU faculty member and Interim CME chair now at the National Board of Medical Examiners in Philadelphia) will talk to us about the USMLE “Step 2½.”  This standardized patient exam will probably be implemented after our current first year students have graduated.  Dr. Scoles will provide an update on USMLE activities.

  2. Dr. Smith mentioned the following events of special importance to the CWRU medical school:

  • The Metro affiliation agreement with CWRU is signed.

  • Talks are taking place at high levels with the Cleveland Clinic.  In one model, students could take their first year courses at CWRU and then transfer to the Clinic.  There are discussions in progress with no decisions as of this date.

  • Active discussions are occurring with University Hospital.

  • Recognition of the successful relationship with Henry Ford was noted.

  1. Discussion about the Cleveland Clinic ensued.  It was emphasized that much was speculation, since concrete plans have not been decided yet.  CCF (Cleveland Clinic Foundation) students would be additional students.  Dr. Kirby has met with Dr. Eric Topol, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, and Chairman, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  They discussed in a preliminary way the process to fit the Clinic-bound students into our system for review and approving them here.  Dr. LaManna was urged to invite Dr. Topol to visit the CME.  Right now October 5 is given as the deadline by our university board of trustees to act on the Clinic issue.  If the decision is endorsed, we can proceed with suggestions for the planning.

  2. Dr. LaManna would like to form two subcommittees:  one to examine the Flexible Program, and the other to look into the evaluation of all students similarly in the event of a Clinic track.  Interested CME members and regular attendees are invited to contact either Dr. LaManna at, or Lois Kaye at lsk2@po.cwru.

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