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Summary of 4-12-01 CME Minutes 

  1. Mrs. Virginia Saha has received a great response to her Cleveland Health Sciences Library e-mail survey from both students and faculty for purposes of the spring 2002 LCME School of Medicine re-accreditation.  The library is offering a one-day course, A Field Guide to GenBank, on Tuesday, May 22.  There will be lectures from 9:00 a.m. to noon and a series of hands-on sessions in the computer classroom E324 in the afternoon.  Anyone wishing to come, just contact Mrs. Saha at

  2. Scheduling conflicts are still occurring despite the existence of the electronic calendar.  Dr. LaManna expressed the desire to avoid unknowing conflicts, such as seminars/chair lectures being held at the same times as Faculty Council/CME meetings.  Scheduling rooms in the School of Medicine is prioritized; therefore, everyone cannot have the ability to add and subtract events.  However, anyone who can log in can look at the School of Medicine calendar and instantly see what rooms are available and what activities are scheduled.  A student activities calendar system for the Year I class is ready; the possibility exists of extending this to all four years.  The calendar would be focused on scheduling afternoon and evening activities.

  3. Currently, collected data for the LCME self-study are being reviewed section by section.

  4. Student CME Report

Scheduling concerns:  While Year II students were initially given a list of items that need to be completed by the end of the second year, they were given no deadline dates.  Now they are faced with too many due dates and too few time slots left.

Fifteen students signed up to do their third year at Henry Ford, but, currently, there is room for only 13 students.  Dr. Smith, Dr. Coggan, Dr. Haynie, and Dr. Stagar are working on finding a solution to the Henry Ford student placement situation.

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