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CME AGENDA - December 11, 1997

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Student CME
  4. Millennium Curriculum Project Update
  5. Other Business

Summary of Minutes

1. A contingent from Henry Ford traveled to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota December 10, 1997 to investigate its involvement with distance learning. The Mayo Clinic was chosen because of its similarity in class size and cost spent per student to the proposed CWRU Henry Ford track. Lectures are transmitted via video conferencing. The Mayo Clinic has digitized its entire collection of histology/pathology slides.

2. The Associate Dean for Biomedical Information Technologies presented an update. Today's CME meeting was to have been chaired from Henry Ford, with a CME contingent traveling to Detroit to visit the facilities, and a demonstration of our electronic classroom E301, but the telephone lines could not be installed in time. The decision to cancel was based on the inability to guarantee a good high speed connection at both Henry Ford and CWRU. Transmission would have been relatively slow, unlike the high speed simultaneous transmission desired. The problem is getting the high speed Internet 2 with ATM installed in Detroit; it is currently in Ann Arbor. The issues of a good telecommunications link, production of digital files from original anatomy/histology/pathology specimens, and of laser versus electronic pointers were discussed.

3. The Core Academic Program Coordinator brought up the issue of negative faculty reaction to the public posting of the Student CME feedback letters addressed to the subject committee chairs, which contain specific references critical of individual, named faculty members. The consensus was that students need to be able to read the feedback letters; the letters should not, however, be posted in a public area. The Evaluation working group of the Millennium Curriculum Project will build in a process for the evaluation of the faculty as well as the students.

4. Millennium Curriculum Project Update

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