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CME AGENDA - December 10, 1998


1. Approval of Minutes
2. Announcements
3. Student CME
4. Curriculum Proposal Development

a. Child/Adolescent Development and Behavior - Drs. Karen Olness, John Kennell, Robert Needlman
b. Children with Handicaps and Their Families - Dr. James Quilty
c. Biomedical Ethics - Dr. Stephen Post
d. Musculoskeletal Sciences - Dr. Brian Victoroff

5. Other Business

a. Discussion of Authorization of Additional Curriculum Themes along the Model of the Public Health Theme
b. Continuation of Discussion of CME Role in Defining Teaching Incentives
c. Discussion of Proposal to Change the Exam System



Summary of CME Minutes


1. Dr. LaManna announced that he had reported at the December 7 Faculty Council meeting on the CME's progress with vertical themes and other issues. He has requested that the plan for the curriculum revision be put on the agenda for purposes of presentation at the January 11 meeting of the faculty of medicine. On January 15, an open forum will take place to discuss the curriculum proposal. At the February 5 Gates Mills retreat, curriculum revision will be the official topic and a vote will take place with regard to approving the revision plans. The new year one curriculum begins in August 1999.

2. During the report from the Student CME, year two representative Sarah Dorsey brought up the concern expressed by both her class and the present year one class for making the CPR course available. While CPR is not officially in the current curriculum, in the past it had always been fit in during the preclinical years. Ms. Dorsey mentioned that the current year two students are willing to do the CPR course independently. She suggested that CPR be incorporated into the new curriculum.

3. Curriculum Revision Update

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