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CME AGENDA - November 19, 1998


1. Approval of Minutes
2. Announcements
3. Student CME
4. Curriculum Proposal Development

a. Primary Care/Family Medicine – Dr. Patricia Moore, Ms. Clara Haruzivishe
b. Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Dr. Tanya Edwards
c. Community Medicine – Dr. Susan Wentz
d. Critically Ill – Dr. Nick Jouriles

5. Other Business

a. Discussion of Authorization of Additional Curriculum Themes along the Model of the Public Health Theme
b. Continuation of Discussion of CME Role in Defining Teaching Incentives
c. Discussion of Proposal to Change the Exam System



Summary of 11-19-98 CME Minutes


1. The first whole-school Clinical-Pathologic Conference (CPC) will take place November 20, 1998. The CPC will be broadcast from E301 to the following sites: E401, E501, Henry Ford, Metro, and University Hospital. Students and faculty will participate. The case for the first CPC is already on the electronic curriculum, with MRI’s and video clips of the interview with the patient.

2. CME members and regular attendees were e-mailed the current status of the curriculum revision. Dr. LaManna plans to approach the Faculty Council to request inclusion of this as a discussion item on the agenda for the January 11, 1999 meeting of the general faculty of the School of Medicine.

3. Dr. Dubyak mentioned that this year significant revision had occurred in the Homeostasis I section that caused concern among the students. Dr. Dubyak had met with a group of M.S.T.P. students on this matter today. The current first year students wish to be apprized of what to expect in all their subject committees for next year. Dr. LaManna suggested that he, Dr. Malemud, and as many subject committee chairs and section leaders as possible meet with the year one class to address their concerns.

4. Dr. James Carter recommended reading the recent supplement to the September issue of Academic Medicine, "Issues and Strategies for Reform in Medical Education: Lessons from Eight Medical Schools," volume 73, number 9, supplement, in which the eight medical school recipients of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation implementation grant for "Preparing Physicians for the Future" were examined. CWRU was one of the original twelve medical schools selected for funding by a planning grant for "Preparing Physicians for the Future" but was not one of the eight selected to receive the implementation grant in January 1992.

5. Curriculum Revision Update

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