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Summary of 11-11-99 CME Minutes

 1. Student CME issues

    1. Suggestion that health care financial management be integrated into the curriculum
    2. Discussion of positioning of weeklong whole-class third year curriculum exercise; if students would prefer a week vacation at the end of April, contact Dr. Jay Wish, Patient-Based Program Coordinator, before the schedule for 2000-2001 is determined.
    3. CWRU students do not have the opportunity to take core clerkships elsewhere because of the need for accountability.
  1. We have to maintain quality oversight of all clerkships.
  2. LCME regulations stipulate that the clerkships must be equivalent at all sites.

2. The Curriculum Content Group is composed of a varied group of individuals charged with

    1. Systematically collecting the content of our curriculum, which currently exists in a variety of formats—written, online, in people’s minds
    2. Subsequently, indexing the curriculum using MeSH (Medical Subject Headings)

3. The Gates Mills Medical Education Retreat will be held Friday, February 11, 2000.

4. Identification of Potential Quantitative Evaluation Data for CME Review – Fourth year students’ matching profiles – Dr. Richard Aach, Director for Residency and Career Planning

    1. There has been a sustained gradual fall in the numbers of CWRU students choosing Primary Care, which encompasses Medicine, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine. This year 42% of our students chose Primary Care.
    2. This year’s graduating class is distributed in almost every specialty.
    3. At a future meeting, Dr. Aach will discuss match placement of CWRU students in the "top" residency programs, taking into account
      1. Response from CWRU residency directors and department chairs
      2. 13-school Consortium response to a questionnaire
      3. U.S. News and World Report rankings

5. Curriculum Revision Update

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