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CME AGENDA - October 23, 1997

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Student CME
  4. Proposal for Educational and Administrative Amalgamation of the Family Medicine and Primary Care Clerkships - Dr. Scott Frank, Director, Predoctoral Education, Department of Family Medicine
  5. Millennium Curriculum Project Update
  6. Continuation of Discussion of Expansion of Curriculum to Four Years at Henry Ford Health System
  7. Other Business

Summary of 10-23-97 CME Minutes

  1. Student feedback letters on subject committees complimented by Core Academic Program Coordinator for including comments on every lecture
  2. Proposal for Educational and Administrative Amalgamation of the Family Medicine and Primary Care Clerkships presented The Family Practice Clerkship and Primary Care Preceptorship would be placed back to back in a two-month block as the usual circumstance, to be completed by November of the senior year. Students able to choose to spend both months in the same family practice site or to spend the second month in general internal medicine or general pediatrics. If the student changes sites, he/she may opt to continue for one half-day per week at the month-one site in order to allow continuity. Students would continue to have the option to separate the two clerkships (in time or place) but would need to specially request such separation.

    Problems under the current arrangement:

    • Community preceptors must deal with a significant number of programs competing with each other to place students in the same site at the same time. Both Family Practice and Primary Care are competing with each other.
    • Such a demand makes it difficult to guarantee that all students receive a quality clerkship experience.
    • The Department of Family Medicine must run both the Family Medicine Core Clerkship and the Primary Care Preceptorship concurrently and must offer two sets of lectures in the same month throughout the year. Lecturers are overtaxed.
    • Sixty to seventy percent of the students are now taught during thirty percent of the year (July or August, January or February). The abundance of third year students needing to take a one-month clerkship before the August availability start-date of the Medicine clerkship continues to be a problem of significance.
    • Under the present computer system, scheduling for the two-month Family Medicine/Primary Care option must be done after scheduling for the other clerkships is completed.

    Discussion followed. Dr. LaManna decided to table voting on the proposal until we ascertain that such a load can be handled and the scheduling can be worked out.

  3. Millennium Curriculum Project Update

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