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Summary of 10-12-00 CME Minutes 


  1. Newly elected Year I student representative Jim Lan suggested investigating possibility of online listing of MAPs (Medical Apprenticeship Programs) at the Registrar’s office with a search mechanism designating department, type of clinical setting, and gender/race of the doctor.

  2. Facility problems have been interfering with the educational mission.

Lack of equipment/broken equipment with respect to slide projectors, LCD projectors, and document cameras in the lecture halls as well as computer problems impeding the release of Histology exam scores have been frustrating to faculty and students.

  1. Student accountability for the three longitudinal committees:  Gross Anatomy, Histology, and Pathology

Questions on integration of material remain.

The Committee on Students will receive from both chairs of the Histology and Gross Anatomy longitudinal committees a midterm status report via student numbers so that the Committee on Students will have an idea of Year I student performance when several committees end in March.

  1. Update on secure exam issue

After presentation of student concerns at the CME, Year II student representative Scott Walker met with principals involved for an honest exchange of views.  The faculty emphasized that secure exams are a necessity.  However, the faculty are always looking at new ways to evaluate.  Mr. Walker will attend the upcoming Curriculum Leadership Council meeting.

In an effort not to violate the secure exam process currently under discussion, faculty exercised extreme caution in reviewing exams.  This resulted in students getting the runaround when trying to find people to answer their questions.   The issue of post-exam review must be finalized so that a decision can be made on what can and cannot be reviewed with students.

  1. The medical education retreat will take place Friday, February 23, 2001, at Landerhaven.  The keynote speaker will be Jordan J. Cohen, M.D., President of the AAMC.

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