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CME AGENDA - October 9, 1997

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Student CME
  4. Millennium Curriculum Project Update
  5. Continuation of Discussion of Expansion of Curriculum to Four Years at Henry Ford Health System
  6. Other Business

Summary of 10-9-97 Minutes

1. Student CME has drawn up schedule with due dates for student feedback letters after each subject committee. The letters are presented to the CME.

2. Millennium Curriculum Project Update

Statement of Purpose for the Curriculum Revitalization Project was presented in paragraph form. Proposal for an Integrated Program in Medicine was presented as a jumping-off point for discussion. Three components of the new curriculum consist of 1) The Fundamentals of Medical Science, 2) The Integrated Practice of Medicine, and 3) Advanced Individual Study. Four main oversight committees were established: Content (an oversight group and specific content-based groups), Presentation (teaching and learning styles, logistics, scheduling, facilities), Evaluation (of student performance and of the curriculum revitalization program itself), and Professionalism. The new curriculum will be a "subject-based" four-year curriculum integrating basic and clinical science. Discussion of the new curriculum ensued.

3. Henry Ford Track Update

Timetable of CWRU technical milestones has been established. Transition of E301 into an electronic classroom has been completed. It has been proposed that on December 11, 1997, a CME meeting be held at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit with as many of the voting CME members in attendance as possible. Dr. LaManna could chair the CME meeting from a Henry Ford classroom in Detroit. Dr. Tom Nosek, Associate Dean for Biomedical Information, and Dr. Peter Scoles, Assistant Dean for Evaluation and Standards, would remain at CWRU in Room E301, where there would be an open CME meeting demonstrating use of the electronic classroom. Everyone is urged to come-- particularly section leaders, subject committee chairs, and department chairs. Participants would find out firsthand what distance learning is really like. They would be involved in participatory lectures, interaction, and slide presentations using a T1 link. Desired implementation date is for the class entering in 1998. Discussion expressed concern by some for the speed with which the process is moving given the simultaneous curriculum revision undertaking. Proponents of the Henry Ford track expressed the desire to utilize the momentum, to maximize our electronic capabilities, to incorporate some of the expertise and opportunities available from Henry Ford, and to make optimal use of the inter-related nature of both the Henry Ford track and the curriculum revision.

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