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CME AGENDA - September 25, 1997

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Millennium Curriculum Project Update
  4. Discussion of Expansion of Curriculum to Four Years at Henry Ford Health System
  5. Other Business

Summary of 9-25-97 Minutes

--- Discussion of the feasibility of establishing a Henry Ford Health System track in Detroit encompassing all four years of undergraduate medical education which would parallel the CWRU curriculum via distance learning and culminate in awarding of the M.D. degree from CWRU--As of now, there is no official proposal; both Henry Ford and CWRU are in the discussion and data-gathering stages.

The intent is to begin with a pilot program for about ten students and eventually increase to a maximum of twenty-five students per year. The current start date for the Henry Ford track is projected for students entering August 1998, provided stringent technological testing deadlines meet with successful results. Via two-way video techniques, students in Detroit would be attending the same lectures, labs, etc. as the Cleveland-based students. In addition, a Henry Ford faculty member would be present in each class. While the core curriculum would be the same as that at the Cleveland site, the Detroit site would offer a value-added incentive. For example, Henry Ford is a recognized expert on managed care and possesses a leading health services research group. The Henry Ford track would offer CWRU the opportunity to develop new techniques for distance learning. (Henry Ford already possesses a curriculum teachable via electronic means.) Distance learning could provide the added impetus for us to re-package the CWRU curriculum in an efficient, effective way.

--- Discussion of letter from students reflecting the students' appreciation of residents as teachers, as evidenced by their request to increase the number of residents who teach in the anatomy labs in the year two Reproductive Biology subject committee

CME suggestion: Designate certain Friday afternoons (Friday afternoons are set aside as education time for OB/GYN residents) to offer OB/GYN lab review sessions as an option (not a requirement) to students.

--- Discussion of student performance on the year two Musculoskeletal/Integument multiple-choice- question exam and gross anatomy practical

--- Update on the Millennium Curriculum Project (MCP)

A draft of goals for CWRU School of Medicine graduates has been prepared.

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