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CME AGENDA - September 24, 1998

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Student CME
  4. Continuation of Discussion of Proposal to Change the Exam System
  5. Curriculum Revision Update
  6. First Year Curriculum Proposal Development
    a.  Ophthalmology - Drs. Jonathan Lass, Julie Belkin and Colleagues
    b.  Dermatology - Dr. Neil Korman
  7. Other Business
    a.  Discussion of Authorization of Additional Curriculum Themes along the Model of the        Public Health Theme


Summary of 9-24-98 CME Minutes


1. Discussion of ways to solve the shortage of slots for students at Cleveland sites in both the          OB/GYN and surgery clerkships

2. Student reaction to proposal to change the exam system

a. Concern over timing of year two comprehensive that would coincide with study            time for USMLE Step 1

b. Preference for more rigid, rather than flexible, scheduling of interim exams

c. Support for retaining interims as required exams and for student accountability           for each component making up the subject committee

3. Curriculum Revision Update

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