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CME AGENDA - September 10, 1998


Summary of 9-10-98 CME Minutes


1. Dr. Joseph LaManna welcomed newly elected CME member Dr. John Mieyal from the department of Pharmacology.

2. Distribution of our Medical School Objectives Project (MSOP) Curriculum Consortium Poster prepared by Dr. Marcia Wile

3. New subject committee chairs announced by Core Academic Program Coordinator: Dr. Peter Heeger for the urinary track, Dr. Larry Kass for hematology, and Dr. Matt Warman for genetics

4. Proposal for Modifying the Examination Process

(Click on hot link to see the proposal.)

The proposal is in favor of establishing two midterms and two comprehensives as the only summative examinations for years one and two. They will be secured exams. The midterms and comprehensives will examine other skills in addition to multiple-choice-question format. Assessment of Clinical Science objectives and Core Physician Development Program objectives and lab practicals will also be included.

All other examinations will be formative. Students will take them on demand online. Students can find out the answers immediately. Students will be able to repeat exams, but there will be an expected criterion standard required for passing. If after two or three times (number not as yet set) of failing an exam, the Office of Student Affairs will be notified so that it can intervene to be sure that the student seeks help. Formative exams will not be secured exams. The subject committee interim exams will be administered by computer from a "public" data bank tied in with the electronic syllabus. The interim exams will be constructed and administered by section leaders. The interims will still be required and students will have to pass them, but the interims will be able to function as self-assessment tools as a result of the change in the exam system.

The new proposal does retain passage of the USMLE Steps 1 and 2 as necessary for graduation.

The Associate Dean for Biomedical Technologies, Dr. Tom Nosek, is presently writing a grant proposal to the NBME to fund the kind of exam system mentioned in the proposal so that CWRU will be ready to implement its own online testing with immediate access to relevant information. He delineated the following guidelines:

    1. Every question links to a learning objective
    2. The electronic curriculum takes the student to the material where he/she can achieve that objective—be it linking to a book, a website, material that the faculty member has written, etc.
    3. The remediation mode resource is present so that the student can go back and find the needed material and review it.

5. Curriculum Revision Update

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