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Summary of 8-28-97 CME Minutes

(Detailed summaries of the minutes are available in the CME office.)

-- Announcement of new CME web site

-- Update on Millennium Curriculum Project (MCP) to date

Draft copy of the Goal Statement of the Millennium Curriculum Project, a synthesis of the Advisory Group's deliberations, was distributed and discussed.

-- Anticipated progression of MCP plan: working groups set up by the Advisory Group in conjunction with the Vice Dean to make proposals that would be brought before the CME and then proceed to the Faculty Council and eventually to the General Faculty for a full vote on whether or not to implement. The CME is to be heavily involved in the curriculum revision.

-- Discussion of evaluation mechanisms of the new curriculum: The MCP will need a working group on evaluation.

-- Discussion touching on various curriculum reforms: the 1952 Western Reserve new curriculum, Harvard's New Pathway, and Weatherhead School of Management's work with integrated learning

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