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Summary of 7-22-99 CME Minutes

1. Dr. LaManna welcomed the newly elected CME members: Dr. Keith Armitage, Vice Chair for Education and Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program Office at University Hospitals, and Dr. Joseph Miller, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy. Dr. Peter Coggan, Director of Medical Education at Henry Ford Hospital, substituted for Dr. William Renehan via videoconferencing.

2.Distribution of the Flexible Program Annual Report, 1998-1999, prepared by Dr. Tarvez Tucker, Flexible Program Coordinator


2. Presentation of Patient-Based Program Annual Report, 1998-1999 by Dr. Jay Wish, Patient-Based Program Coordinator.

3. Discussion the recently instituted online versions of the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2.

4. Discussion of projected major tasks for the CME in the coming year

   a)  Coordination of the vertical themes into a four-year curriculum

   b)  Evaluation of the curriculum in quantitative terms

   c)  Handling the development of pilot projects

5.  No Curriculum Revision Update

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