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CME AGENDA - June 25, 1998

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Student CME
  4. First Year Curriculum Proposal Development
    1. Dr. John Mieyal and Colleagues - Pharmacology
    2. Drs. Christopher Brandt and Marjie Persons - Sample Surgical Proposals on Altered Gastrointestinal Function and the Beast
    3. Dr. Anne Taylor - Women's Health
    4. Dr. Lansing Hoskins - GINUP section (Gastrointestinal-Nutrition-Fundamentals of Therapeutic Agents)
  5. Curriculum Revision Update
  6. Other Business


Summary of 6-25-98 CME Minutes

1. Core Academic Program Coordinator provided results of the year one comprehensive examination: The mean is 78 8 (1 standard deviation).

2. Distribution of the following Patient-Based Program Annual reports for 1997-98: 1) Physical Diagnosis by Dr. Baha Arafah, Physical Diagnosis Director, 2) Clinical Science by Co-Directors Ms. Kathy Cole-Kelly and Dr. Ted Parran, Jr., and 3) The Patient-Based Program focusing on the Core Clerkships by Dr. Jay Wish, Patient-Based Program Coordinator. The CME wishes to acknowledge and thank the fine leadership responsible for these programs for their accomplishments and contributions to the comprehensive training of our medical students this year.

3. Millennium Curriculum Project Update

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