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Summary of 6-22-00 CME Minutes 

1.             Discussion on disappointing student turnout for the required Third Year Whole-Class Exercise, which involved significant faculty effort to cover topics not addressed or mentioned briefly during the year.

2.          Dr. Jay Wish, Patient-Based Program Coordinator, presented highlights of the 1999-2000 Patient-Based Program Annual Report focusing on the third year:

a)     Need to accommodate overlapping teaching of two different Neuroscience offerings to third year and fourth year students during the 2000-2001 transitional academic year

b)     Clerkship directors and clinical chairs successful in finding additional clerkship slots for students in an already tight market after closing of Mount Sinai this year

c)     Student evaluations take into account grade “inflation” by creating composite point scores; three years’ worth of data on distribution of “honors,” “commendable,” and “satisfactory” presented

d)     Mid-clerkship formative evaluations must be completed by clerkship director (or designate) who reviews strengths and weaknesses of each student with him/her

e)     Review of 12-month block schedule beginning July 2000 condensing all core clerkship requirements into the academic year ending June 2001 with none in the fourth year

f)      Fostering of interdepartmental efforts

g)     Two-year experiment with the CPC (Clinical-Pathologic Conference) now defunct—an attempt to integrate the basic and clinical sciences and involve all medical students and many faculty

h)     Outstanding cohort of small group leaders assembled for coming year’s new CLICS activity (Contemporary Learning in Clinical Settings) where student attendance is required

3.             Distribution of Physical Diagnosis Director Dr. Baha Arafah’s 1999-2000 Physical Diagnosis Annual Report

4.          Dr. Ted Parran, Jr., Co-Director of the Integrated Clinical Experience (ICE), gave an overview of the program for 1999-2000:

a)     ICE formed this past year merging Year I Clinical Science and Year I Core Physician Development Program; ICE to be renamed ICM (Introduction to Clinical Medicine) for upcoming year

b)     Components of ICE:  1) Preceptor Groups and Lecture Series, 2) Interviewing Program, and 3) Family Clinic Program

c)     Discussion of progress of merging CPDP and Clinical Science formats into the same small groups and subsequent cross-training of faculty

d)     Listing of areas needing further improvement

e)     Planned interviews for Interviewing Program

f)      Family Clinic’s continuing challenge to recruit patients

g)     Upcoming year shortens lecture and reunites it logistically with small group

5.          Dr. Charles Malemud, Core Academic Program Coordinator, completing his term of service, presented his 1999-2000 Year II CAP Annual Report:

a)     Listing of substantive issues and changes

b)     Presentation of individual subject committee interim exams with mean scores and pass marks

c)     Recognition of value of both student feedback luncheons and student feedback letters

d)     Drs. Malemud and Wile to co-chair the CES (Committee on Evaluation and Standards) for the coming year

e)     Recognition of Dr. Malemud for excellent job recruiting faculty and problem solving in his capacity as Core Academic Program Coordinator

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