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CME AGENDA - June 4, 1998

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Student CME
  4. Core Academic Program Annual Report - Dr. Charles Malemud, Core Academic Program Coordinator.
  5. Flexible Program Annual Report - Dr. Tarvez Tucker, Flexible Program Coordinator
  6. Curriculum Revision Update
  7. Other Business


Summary of 6-4-98 CME Minutes


Entire meeting focused on two annual Reports:

1. The 1997-98 Core Academic Program Report

This marked the first year for secure year one interim examinations. The Committee on Evaluation and Standards (CES) approved continuation of the prospective passing score at their 1997 annual meeting. Overall, students performed well on our exams. Secure year two interim examinations will begin with the 1998-99 academic year.

Not all student feedback letters have been turned in to the Core Academic Program Coordinator. Both curriculum and personnel modifications depend on 1) student feedback letters, 2) student feedback luncheons, and 3) discussion with the CAP leadership and participating faculty. Missing feedback letters force the CAP coordinator to rely on his own judgment without a significant source of valuable student input.

2. The 1997-98 Flexible Program Report

It has been a record-breaking year in that more than half the class enrolled in Areas of Concentration (AoCs). Earning "distinction" in an AoC remains the only way to recognize exceptional student performance in the pre-clinical years, although this honor is not received until the end of the student’s undergraduate medical education. Medical students took advantage of courses and electives offered by other CWRU graduate schools. Dual degrees in business and law are currently offered on campus; plans for courses in Public Health are underway.

The classes of 1998 and 1999 were the first to participate in the Alumni Externship Program created two years ago. Of the alumni contacted who graduated in the last 30 years and are scattered throughout the country and world-wide, over 350 respondents indicated their willingness to sponsor a fourth year student in a month-long rotation at their own practice. Many students chose to work with alumni here in Cleveland.

Over 1200 northeastern Ohio alumni were sent letters to determine their interest in participating in the Millennium curriculum. Almost two hundred alumni indicated their interest. The majority preferred having a student at their practice on a regular basis one-half day per week. Many were willing to leave their site to attend CPCs (Clinical-Pathologic Conferences) every few months.

3. Anyone with a CWRU clinical faculty appointment or any regular CWRU faculty appointment is entitled to any of the services available through EuclidPLUS and OhioLINK including MEDLINE, other databases, and other electronic journals.

4. Millennium Curriculum Project Update

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