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CME AGENDA - May 27, 1999


CME Agenda – May 27, 1999

1. Video Streaming of Lectures – Dr. Tom Nosek

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Announcements

4. Student CME

5. Update on Vertical Themes

6. Update on Years One and Two Curriculum – Dr. David Katz

7. Update on Year Three Curriculum – Dr. Jay Wish

8. Other Business (Time Permitting)

a. Continuation of Discussion of Role of the CME

b. Discussion of Requests for Quantitative Assessment Data


Summary of 5-27-99 CME Minutes

1. Anyone interested in obtaining a free copy of any of the listed books, please contact Ms. Ginger Saha at

    1. 1. Mark Gottlieb’s The Lives of University Hospitals of Cleveland
    2. 2. Abraham Flexner’s Medical Education in the United States and Canada (The Flexner Report)
    3. 3. Greer Williams’ Western Reserve’s Experiment in Medical Education and Its Outcome

2. See Curriculum Revision Update

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