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CME AGENDA - May 14, 1998

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Student CME
  4. First Year Curriculum Proposal Development
    1. Dr. Joan Trey - Hematology
    2. Drs. Gary Schnur and Ed Stavnezer - Cancer
    3. Dr. Stan Gerson to continue on May 28
  5. Millennium Curriculum Project Update
  6. Other Business

Summary of 5-14-98 CME Minutes

1. A reference book survey requesting names of specific books desired by the students has been distributed to both the year one and year two classes by the Student CME. A list of the results will be compiled in June after exams.

2. Year two student representative Gina Jefferson thanked the CME for welcoming the input of student opinion and allowing her the opportunity to express student concerns. Students’ overall concern for the Millennium Curriculum Project is that we not lose the strengths of the current CWRU School of Medicine curriculum.

3. Millennium Curriculum Project Update

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