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Summary of 3-21-02 CME Minutes 

  1. LCME Site Visit (March 10 – March 13, 2002)
    The LCME site visitors’ review was highly complimentary.  No major concerns were cited.  The reviewers “recommend” but do not make the official decision.  The group coordinating the self-study consisted of Dr. Marcia Wile, Ms. Minoo Golestaneh, Dr. Murray Altose, and Dr. Kent Smith.  The site visitors recognized many individuals.  To all of you—too numerous to mention specifically—who participated in preparation for this site visit, we appreciate your contributions.  Items of special interest to reviewers:  1) the subject committee system and how it succeeds without being under the purview of the departments, and 2) that we are so successful in getting faculty to teach.  Memo from incoming CWRU President Dr. Edward Hundert:  “We couldn’t do any better.”  As of now, the LCME self-study culminating in the site visit takes place every 7 years.  There was an indication that the time frame might not remain the same.  There was some speculation from discussants that the time between site visits might be shortened, because curriculum and technology are changing so fast.

  2. March 21, 2002 Match Results – Brief Recap of the Day’s Match Results – Dr. Richard Aach, Associate Dean for Residency and Career Planning
    As in the past, our match results were excellent.  CWRU students have matched in virtually all of the most outstanding residency programs in the country.  Ninety-six percent (96%) of CWRU students matched, and, based on discussions with a number of students at this point in time, many students got one of their top three choices.  Trends:  1) A larger number of our graduates will be entering the competitive Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, and Orthopedic training programs.  2) The 18 students going into Family Medicine this year represent a striking increase over the four who opted for this specialty last year.  3) The number of students going into Pediatric residencies nationally decreased significantly this year.  Nationwide, 65 more residency slots in Pediatrics were offered this year, and there were 150 fewer students applying to Pediatric residencies.  Less than half—only 10 out of 24—of Rainbow Babies & Childrens Pediatric residency positions were filled.  4) Comparing the number of CWRU graduates going into affiliated residencies with figures from the past, the number who matched University Hospitals of Cleveland residencies is slightly down and the number going to Metro is slightly up.  We are only slightly under (31 of 139 graduates) the targeted goal of 25% of our graduating class going into CWRU-affiliated residencies.  5) Geographic trends:  47 of our students are entering Ohio residency programs, 13 are going to California, 9 each are going to Pennsylvania and Illinois, and 5 each to Michigan and New York.

  3. The daylong Digital Library Spring Symposium (free for CWRU faculty, staff, and students) “Copyright and Your Intellectual Property in the Digital Age:  An Introduction for Faculty, Students and Librarians” will be held Friday, April 19 in the 1914 Lounge in Thwing Center.

  4. Teaching Incentives Subcommittee Update – Dr. Terry Wolpaw, chair
    The Committee is continuing with plans to hold a major workshop in October for faculty development.  Dr. Wolpaw will approach the different department chairs to find out their opinions of the upcoming workshop and what they would like to see included.  Dr. LaManna suggested having each department chair identify a liaison from his/her department for faculty development.  The question has arisen as to how long the Teaching Incentives subcommittee of the CME needs to exist.  Committee members decided from the beginning that they wanted to be a working, active committee.  The CME subcommittee could transition to a committee of the Faculty and Learner Development Program, co-directed by Drs. Clint Snyder and Terry Wolpaw.  The Teaching Incentives subcommittee wants to go beyond merely producing a report; members want to have a hand in implementing their recommendations.
    Faculty development is part of the Office of the Vice Dean.  Dr. Clint Snyder, who can teach faculty how to teach in all kinds of different formats, has gotten many requests for his services.  An additional effort on professionalism is being pursued by Ms. Kathy Cole-Kelly and M.D./Ph.D. student Mr. Alexander Tsai.

  5. If you are having trouble receiving e-mail pertaining to faculty meetings, contact Mr. Kurt Fretthold, Director of Administrative Services, the office in charge of the faculty database from which e-mail addresses are generated for the Dean’s ListServs.

  6. We are making significant progress toward going wireless in the School of Medicine.  All students will have free access next year.  We will be the first school in the country to have this kind of access.  Currently, our streaming of audio lectures is enjoying great popularity with the students and is expected to improve.  Video streaming is done upon request.  Faculty will be able to purchase wireless access via relatively inexpensive cards.


See Curriculum Revision Update section.

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