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CME AGENDA - February 25, 1999


1. Approval of Minutes

2. Announcements

3. Student CME

4. Report on Curriculum Leadership Council

5. Discussion on How Best to Proceed with the Flexible Elective Program in the Revised Curriculum

6. Disussion of Current Status of Third Year Curriculum Revision Process

7. Other Business



Summary of 02-25-99 CME Minutes


1. Director of the Cleveland Health Sciences Library Ginger Saha distributed a handout on improved access to databases and electronic journals. "CWRU faculty, students and staff can now access research databases and electronic journals no matter where they are! All of the OhioLINK-sponsored resources, e.g. MEDLINE, Science Citation Index, Britannica Online, and over 3500 electronic journals are available using any web browser on any workstation on any network or phone line… There are hundreds of non-OhioLINK resources, of course, including the electronic journals supported by the Cleveland Health Sciences Library and the wide choice of SilverPlatter databases now available on the web rather than on CD-ROM. For these the CWRUnet Web Proxy Service is available." Ms. Saha can be reached via e-mail:

2. Core Academic Program Coordinator Dr. Charles Malemud urged year one and year two student representatives to prod those students responsible for writing evaluative letters after each subject committee’s end to get those letters to him in a timely fashion. This particular form of student feedback is a necessary component in constructing the annual CAP report.

3. Director of Residency and Career Planning Dr. Richard Aach mentioned that we have already met with success in our early match candidates. Five candidates matched for the Army and Navy. An additional nine students total matched in various ENT, Ophthalmology, Urology, and Neurology residency programs. Thursday, March 18, 1999 is Match Day. Brief discussion ensued over the difficulty in compiling data and interpreting statistics to use as evaluative outcome measures of how well CWRU students match.

4. Curriculum Revision Update

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