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Summary of 2-24-00 CME Minutes 


1. Year I class expressed appreciation for the prosections done for Gross Anatomy and the desire for funding to continue that activity.

2. Although the CME passed the Curriculum Leadership Council proposal for Year II at its February 10 meeting, there existed divided support for the fifth point—awarding credit equivalent to one Type A elective for a successful remediation effort. Dr. John Mieyal who could not be present had e-mailed an alternative (part of which appears here): "waiving the requirement for elective credit during the period of remediation so that the student can focus on learning the core material..." Discussion ensued over 1) when the remediation should take place and 2) whether or not to prevent remediating students from taking an elective during the remediation period. The "fifth point" of the CLC proposal will be revisited at the March 9 CME meeting for purposes of endorsing a modification that the CLC might find acceptable. At this time, the CME modification contains the following tentative elements:

    1. Remediation must take place before passage into Year III.
    2. The student will not be able to take an elective while remediating (which takes place during afternoon elective time).
    3. No credit will be given for the remediation effort. However, existing or proposed graduate courses that offer exams and grades might be acceptable for Type A elective credit at the discretion of the subject committee chair.

The elective credit issue was not intended to be the main focus of the CLC proposal. In addition, elective credit is best left to the prerogative of the Flexible Program Coordinator.

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