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CME AGENDA - February 12, 1998

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Student CME
  4. Millennium Curriculum Project Update
  5. Other Business

Summary of Minutes

1. Year two students to decide via a paper and pencil ballot which of the following two methods to use in signing up for clerkships: 1) the usual computerized point system currently in use, or 2) the NFL-style draft, where students choose from a buffet. 2. Millennium Curriculum Project Update 3. The Associate Dean for Biomedical Information Technologies updated our progress in the fields of distance learning and video conferencing. We have been operating at one-quarter of a T1 line. In approximately one month, Dr. Neff, Vice President for Information Services, will get us a DS3 one-to-one connection, which is equal to 28 full T's. This means good, high quality transmission, similar to that of the Internet 2 when it arrives. When Internet 2 is available, we will be able to video conference over our own desktop computers. This interaction will be simulated with the point-to-point connection Dr. Neff is providing. We are expecting to use this connection heavily during the March-to-April time period.

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