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Summary of 1-13-00 CME Minutes 

1. Kenneth Ludmerer, M.D., author of "Time to Heal: American Medical Education from the Turn of the Century to the Era of Managed Care," a critically acclaimed history of medical education, will be the speaker at the February 11 faculty retreat.

2. Due to an unfortunate error, old secure exams with their answers included were released to some students for study purposes. Some of those questions appeared on the recent cardiovascular interim exam, which, consequently, was called into question. Issues discussed included: 1) a breach of security, 2) diminishing the pool of high-caliber secure questions available for exam composition, and 3) efficiency of the current system for administration of exams. The fifteen questions released with answers to some students that appeared on the exam will not be included when scoring the exam. Dr. Pamies will address the Year One class. The cardiovascular exam is being carefully reviewed question-by-question. A mistake happened, and appropriate measures are being taken to deal with it. The Office of Biomedical Information Technologies, the Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Wile’s office, and the Office of the Vice Dean oversee the exam process. Dr. Smith plans to call a meeting with Dr. Katz, Dr. Pamies/Dr. Stagar, Dr. Malemud, Dr. Wile, and Dr. Nosek as a first step in resolving the exam process issue.

3. Identification of Potential Quantitative Evaluation Data for CME Review – CWRU School of Medicine Graduates and Top Residency Programs – Dr. Richard Aach, Associate Dean for Residency and Career Planning

Purpose: to quantify some outcome measures of our educational program that could be trended and compared with other leading medical schools, while acknowledging that the plentiful data supplied did not qualify this study as a strict science

The analysis attempted to answer the following questions:

    1. What proportion of our graduates go to CWRU-affiliated residency programs? (The trend has been declining: 32.6% of graduates from the Class of 1995 entered CWRU-affiliated residencies, while 20.7% of graduates from the Class of 1999 entered CWRU-affiliated residencies.)
    2. What proportion of our graduates go into residency programs considered to be the "top" programs nationally? ("Top" residency programs were determined by using two sets of criteria, none of which is perfect:
    • U.S. News and World Report, which provided annual rankings of top medical schools, hospitals, academic, and clinical programs
    • CWRU-affiliated program directors and chairs of each clinical department were surveyed—15 of the 20 CWRU-affiliated specialties responded)
    1. What has been the trend regarding our students’ admittance into the "top" residency programs over time? (Study concentrated on classes graduating during the 1995-1999 time period.)
    2. How do our results compare to those of other leading U.S. medical schools, such as those in our own 13-School Consortium?

Percent of residencies matched by CWRU students was broken down by year into:

  • Programs Ranked 1-10 and Programs Ranked 1-20,
  • Top residency programs not affiliated with CWRU and top residency programs including those affiliated with CWRU.

The tables showed an increase in both the percentage of CWRU students who matched with top residencies not affiliated with CWRU and those affiliated with CWRU during the 1995-1999 time period. In 1995, approximately 18% of CWRU students gained entry into the top 20 residency programs (number includes CWRU-affiliates). In 1999, 30% of CWRU students gained entry into the top 20 residency programs (number includes CWRU-affiliates). Dr. Aach concluded that our graduates have trended in a positive direction, increasingly gaining entry into more top residencies during the last five years.

Dr. LaManna expressed his desire to make Dr. Aach’s report an annual January presentation to the CME.


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