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Millennium Curriculum Project Update - November 13, 1997

Final revisions were made to the "Content Subcommittee Proposal" and accompanying cover letter. These were distributed to an open Advisory Group/Educational Leaders faculty meeting held Monday, November 17, 1997 in Room E401. Copies of both documents appear below. All interested faculty are encouraged to participate. Please read the following and respond to Dr. Joseph LaManna as listed.

December 3, 1997


Interested Faculty
Joseph C. LaManna, Ph.D.
Chairman, Committee on Medical Education
Millennium Curriculum Project

At the current time, we are soliciting topics to be included in the new curriculum. If you wish to have a topic considered, please submit the following information (five-to-ten pages). Submission should include proposals for teaching throughout all four years of the curriculum and list all appropriate clinical and basic teachers in collaboration. The initial proposal should not have overwhelming detail but should indicate the overall direction and approach. We are looking for both breadth and depth in exploration of the topic. We encourage you to work together across disciplines and across institutions to generate your proposal integrating both basic and clinical science. See Millennium Curriculum Project Update under Committee on Medical Education (CME) web site, address: to find out more about plans for the curriculum revision. Please return your proposal to Dr. Joseph C. LaManna, Department of Neurology, Room 525, Biomedical Research Building, Case Western Reserve University, 10900 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44106-4938 no later than December 31, 1997.


  1. Title
  2. Description of Subject Matter
  3. List of Topics to be Covered
  4. Specific Educational Goals
  5. Definition of Skills to be Learned
  6. Categorization of Subject Matter into
    1. Fundamentals of Structure and Function (the "Gotta Have" Basic Science Concepts Prioritized and in Sequence)
    2. Art and Science of Medicine (Clinical Science Skills and Concepts Prioritized and in Sequence)
    3. Advanced Individual Study (Advanced Mastery Electives Given to Individual Selected Students)
  7. Identify all appropriate teaching formats for the subject. (A suggested list to choose from follows.) Indicate which material would be taught in which settings.
    1. Full class lecture
    2. Smaller groups
    3. Laboratory
    4. Ambulatory
    5. Inpatient
    6. Computer-aided or self-directed
    7. Mentoring
    8. Other
  8. How will professionalism, ethics, and population- and community-based content be integrated?
  9. List the primary basic and clinical faculty planners.

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