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Millennium Curriculum Project Update - October 23, 1997

The formation of "working groups" for the Millennium Curriculum Project has begun. There are four main working groups:

  1. Professionalism-chaired by Dr. Brian Victoroff
  2. Evaluation-chaired by Dr. Peter Scoles
  3. Teaching and Learning Methods-co-chaired by Drs. Thomas Nosek and Linda Headrick
  4. Content-chaired by Dr. Joseph LaManna with heavy involvement of the CME.

Dr. LaManna explained the proposed make-up of the content working group: one large oversight working group composed of many people and many smaller working groups, or topic-oriented subcommittees. Dr. LaManna presented a draft-in-progress for submitting a one-to-two page proposal of a topic for the Millennium Curriculum Project encouraging anyone interested to do so. The proposal should represent a cursory meeting of faculty interested in the same topic; faculty should collaborate with each other rather than submit individual proposals. Each topic has to be able to fit into a four-year program. Further consideration will be given to the manner of contacting faculty for their suggestions.

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