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Millennium Curriculum Project Update - May 14, 1998


1. Dr. Ed Stavnezer and Dr. Gary Schnur offered a preliminary presentation of the cancer proposal to be completed by Dr. Stan Gerson at the May 28 CME meeting. Cancer has been taught as piecemeal additions to various organ systems in the current curriculum. The Cancer Content Committee feels that cancer is its own discipline and has examined it on both the basic science and clinical levels. With consideration toward compatible proposals, some topics could be integrated into genetics and molecular biology. Lack of both integration and coordination is inherent in the current teaching of cancer. There is a desire to involve clinical oncologists in the teaching of specific cancers. A general overview for a four-year curriculum was presented.

2. Dr. Joan Trey, co-section leader of Biological Basis of Disease II, had prepared a hematology proposal that was circulated prior to the meeting and had also participated in the Hematology Oncology group of the MCP Cancer Curriculum Project just discussed. Dr. Trey chose to focus on her perception of the Millennium Curriculum Project. As both a graduate and faculty member of the CWRU School of Medicine, Dr. Trey provided honest criticism. In her opinion, a significant number of faculty has been left out of the process. While many perceptions were valid, some were based on misunderstandings, which proved the need for better communication and pathways for feedback. Dr. Trey enumerated her 1) assumptions about the motivating factors and lack of preliminary actions regarding the Millennium Curriculum Project, 2) strengths of the current curriculum, 3) weaknesses in the current curriculum, and 4) problems with the Millennium Curriculum Project proposal. Overall, Dr. Trey’s views are compatible with the goals of the Millennium Curriculum Project. Discussion of the curriculum revision proposal following Dr. Trey's remarks proved useful.

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