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Millennium Curriculum Project Update - April 30, 1998

1. Dr. Cliff Harding, section leader for Biological Basis of Disease I, addressed general issues about the Millennium Curriculum Project and issues relating to Biological Basis of Disease I. As a solution to Dr. Harding's concern over the dilemma of enabling students to adequately focus on both basic science and clinical rotations at the same time, it was suggested that a certain period of time currently devoted to didactic teaching in the clerkships be formalized and recognized as an academic time period for the teaching of basic science. Biological Basis of Disease I consists of the following components: 1) Immunology, 2) General Pathology, and 3) Mechanisms of Infection. Mechanisms of Infection is conducive to vertical integration, whereas, both General Pathology and Immunology are not. The latter consist of many vertical threads that can be related to a wide variety of fields; adapting them to vertical integration would require an inordinate amount of time by a team of people. Approximately two-thirds to three-fourths of BBD I -- excluding Mechanisms of Infection -- has already been moved out of the section. BBD I is the very beginning of the instruction of disease, the basic platform needed before the students can move on. Dr. Harding believes that instructional material needs to be delivered in dedicated basic science blocks; he is opposed to regarding the majority of year one and two material as transplantable. In his opinion, one cannot integrate before teaching all the pieces of that field in a coordinated block of time. Dr. LaManna favored finding a way to coordinate General Pathology.

2. Dr. Zahra Toossi, subject committee chair for Mechanisms of Infection, gave an overview of the Infectious Diseases committee, cited current problems, and designated topics by year in her vertically integrated approach to the three-component curricular framework of the MCP.

3. A discussion of student attendance followed.

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