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Millennium Curriculum Project Update - April 9, 1998

1. Dr. George Dubyak presented his proposal on Physiology of Cells and Organ Systems. Dr. Dubyak's goal is to provide the necessary vocabulary used in cell and organ systems basic physiology, or, in other words, the basic language of physiology aimed at year one students. By highlighting common cellular and molecular mechanisms across organ systems, the proposal could serve as a foundation for subsequent treatment of each organ system, individually, in depth.

2. Dr. James Finley presented his proposal on the Respiratory System, which organizes his curriculum by year. The proposal ties in well with Dr. Dubyak's proposal. The fourth year suggests a dramatic change by including mandatory lectures involving more advanced material in pulmonary medicine. Advanced areas of pulmonary medicine would be done in conjunction with hematologists, oncologists, surgeons, and basic scientists.

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