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Millennium Curriculum Project Update - March 19, 1998

As the content working group of the Millennium Curriculum Project, the CME is reviewing vertical theme proposals with the author of each proposal present. It is important to get as many people as possible to sit down together and review content so that we can identify areas in the curriculum that are perfect for interdisciplinary integration, build on them, and have the relevant content areas represented in person. In this way the CME serves as a forum; various groups can air their views, find out other faculty whose areas are conducive to integration, and modify their original ideas based upon group feedback. By this method of involvement, the new curriculum will be entirely forged by the faculty, and represent a merger of basic science and clinical science. Millennium Curriculum Project Advisory Group members are invited to participate in the CME meetings, which are focusing on formulating the content of the new curriculum. Dr. LaManna considers the CME meetings open meetings and invites any interested parties to attend.

The CME is concentrating on forming a solid year one curriculum with additional general ideas as to the nature of years two, three, and four.

Today's proposal authors included Drs. Pat Hunt (Human Development), Scott Simpson (Gross Anatomy), Martin Snider (Biochemistry), and Matt Warman (Medical Genetics) and Ms. Kathy Cole-Kelly (Clinical Sciences). This meeting continued the discussion of these proposals which began at the March 12 CME meeting. Dr. Warman made some revisions to his proposal; then, the majority of the meeting focused on Clinical Science suggestions for innovations in the program, how it could interact with basic science disciplines so that the clinical and the basic science would reinforce and complement each other, the teaching of professionalism, and the continuity provided by the same preceptor-led small groups carrying through the first two years of medical school.

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