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Millennium Curriculum Project Update - March 12, 1998

The Committee on Medical Education serves as the Content Working Group of the Millennium Curriculum Project. This CME meeting marked the ‘kick-off” of what will be our review of each content theme proposal with the author and related faculty in attendance to provide an overview of how each theme fits into a four-year curriculum and how it can integrate with other disciplines. Emphasis is placed on true integration of the basic and clinical sciences as well as interdisciplinary integration. Our immediate goal is to develop a strong year one Millennium Curriculum, which is to start during the 1999-2000 academic year. We will also pay attention to formulating general ideas as to the nature of years two, three, and four.

Dr. LaManna requested a brief overview that included learning goals defining what the student is expected to know from each of the following proposers: Dr. Martin Snider (Biochemistry), Dr. Scott Simpson (Gross Anatomy), Dr. Matthew Warman (Genetics), and Dr. Pat Hunt (Human Development). Each of the proposals stimulated questions, comments, and suggestions.

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