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Millennium Curriculum Project Update - February 12, 1998

  1. Works in progress for the daylong Medical Education Retreat Friday February 27, 1998 at the Ritz-Carlton:
    1. Reports of the four major working groupsTeaching and Learning, Content, Professionalism, and Evaluation
    2. Preliminary outline for the first part of the year one curriculum
    3. Neuroscience content proposal, or vertical theme to integrate across all four years of the curriculum
    4. Sample schedule of the new curriculum
  2. To date approximately 45 content proposals have been received. Anyone wishing to examine the original proposals firsthand should contact Dr. Smith's office.
  3. Discussion of the administration end of education and the need for recognition for those who teach included the topics of responsibilities of an Associate Curriculum Dean and functions of a hypothetical Center for Medical Education.

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