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Millennium Curriculum Project Update - January 22, 1998

Dr. LaManna has asked Dr. Charles Malemud, Core Academic Program Coordinator, to oversee the year one core content committee The Language and Foundation of Medicine Committee Creating the Content for the Year I Curriculum. The year one content committee had an excellent turnoutover forty strong--during its first meeting Wednesday, January 21, 1998. The spirited two-hour meeting resulted in a free and open exchange of ideas. Its original purpose was to take an in-depth look at the first year, keeping what works and building in those parts of the second year that students need in order to be prepared for substantial clinical contact in the second year. However, faculty strongly expressed their opposition to creating phase one without knowledge of the overall superstructure and what was expected to occur in phases two, three, and four. During the course of the meeting the consensus was reached to keep an integrated organ system approach. With continuing involvement, the faculty should develop a feel for the concepts, milestones, and goals of an integrated curriculum consisting of vertical themes running for four years across horizontal blocks. To date, 46 content proposals, or themes, have been turned in. The object of our focus should be what the student needs to learnwhat principles or concepts the physician twenty years down the road needs to know. The year one content committee will put together a proposed three-month Millennium Curriculum for year one running from August through October for the February retreat on medical education.

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