Clinical Research Credentialing

Clinical Research Credentialing

Non-UH personnel interested in conducting research at UH are responsible for completing the required steps necessary for obtaining credentialing and complying with the laws associated with protected health information. This individual is also responsible for updating the application to include additional protocols if they are approved after having been initially credentialed and renewing the credentialing annually.

Research Credentialing Steps

In order to complete credentialing, the person must first have an affiliation with CWRU in some way. This is most typically either students or employees. Students admitted to a temporary program count as having such an affiliation. If no affiliation exists, it is preferable that the applicant go through the process of becoming a UH volunteer.

Step One

Complete HIPAA Training -

Step Two

Go to CITI Program and Register -
Complete HIPS Training through CITI
Download Curriculum Completion Report

Step Three

Download, sign and date Authorization and release from Liability

Scan the signed and dated version back into your system as a PDF if possible. (We can scan it for you if needed.)

Step Four

Download, Sign and Date Electronic Systems Agreement

Read the entire document. Print it out and make sure to initial the lines on page 2 and fill out and sign the information on page 8. Scan the signed material back into your system as a PDF if possible. (We can scan it for you if needed.)

Step Five

Provide John Dunn or Connie May with your UH IRB Number, Project Start Date, Project End Date, and UH Clinical Faculty contact name. They will provide you with a signed Chairman Certification document to upload to the site.

Step Six

Initiate a background check. This is not required for Medical Students. Visit click on Vendors/Contractors button. Enter the special promotional code uhresearcher and hit Go!

There is a $45 fee associated with the background check. If conducting this from off-site, applicants must save a receipt and submit it for reimbursement. (John and Connie can help with this.) For applicants who can visit CWRU, John can fill in a University credit card number during the application.

Step Seven

Download, sign and date Rules for Non-Licensed Researchers.

Read the entire document. Print it out, fill out the top, then sign, date, and print your name at the bottom. Have your advisor sign, date, and Print name/title at the bottom. Return to Connie or John, who will make sure to have the Division Chief sign off on it. They will send you a scanned version of the completed document for upload.

Step Eight

Go to Complete the form, uploading the documentation obtained in Steps One through Seven.

Step Nine

Complete HR Compliance Training
Print out the Compliance Certificate from the end of the course, and deliver it to John or Connie. (Alternatively, e-mail them a PDF of the Certificate.)

Step Ten

Complete Safety Training
After completion, submit the form. Make sure that the e-mail address is consistent with the one you've used throughout Credentialing.

Step Eleven

Visit or contact John and Connie to complete the Non-Employee Request Form.

Effective September 1, 2017, the UH Clinical Research Center (UHCRC) will charge a processing fee for Research Credentialing applications. Case Medical Students are exempt from this fee.

  • Initial Applications: $150
  • Renewal Applications: $100

This fee is non-refundable. If you have questions regarding if you need to be credentialed, or if you qualify to be credentialed, please contact BEFORE submitting an application.

Please go to for additional information.