Benjamin Gaston, MD

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10900 Euclid Ave, BRB 827

Cleveland, OH 44016

Phone: 216-368-0826

Fax: 216-368-4223





Benjamin Gaston, MD


Children's Lung Foundation Professor of Pediatric Pulmonology

  • Division: Pulmonology, Allergy and Immunology


Dr. Gaston studies post-translational protein modifications relevant to airway and neuronal signaling in childhood asthma, CF and apnea. His primary area of interest is inflammatory signaling in the airway epithelium, but he also has published on control of breathing and on clinical and on translational research. His laboratory makes extensive use of proteomic, metabolomic and bioinformatic capabilities at CWRU and elsewhere, and he has several publications using these procedures. He has an active NIH grant developing a novel proteomic assay. He also has longstanding collaborations with Drs. Erzurum, Lewis and Stamler that will facilitate optimal multi-disciplinary opportunities for the trainees. He works at CWRU and RBCH; he also collaborates closely with the LRI on the SARP. His intellectual property has been used to start biotechnology industries in pediatric respiratory disease that can provide experience for trainees with translational industries and corporate research. Specific companies that he helped to form include Respiratory Research, Inc. (asthma diagnostics), Airbase Therapeutics (asthma and CF therapeutics), Nitrox LLC (now N30 Pharma, CF therapeutics) and Galleon Pharmaceuticals (apnea therapeutics); he also has a close working relationship with Cleveland-based companies Chantest, Inc., and Biomotiv. Taken together, these capabilities will provide trainees with opportunities to learn and collaborate across the broadest possible spectrum, from basic chemistry to clinical trials.