Division of Neurology and Epilepsy

The Pediatric Neurology Division at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital is one of the most active programs in the upper Midwest of the United States, and earned top rankings in US News and World Report as a pediatric neurology program. We are a multidisciplinary division of pediatric neurologists who provide clinical care, research collaboration and educational opportunities regarding the diagnosis and management of children with neurological disorders. Our outpatient practice services 10 multi-county specialty clinics. We evaluate and care for children and their families with headaches and other pain syndromes, developmental disorders, paroxysmal disorders including childhood epilepsies, and neurobehavioral/ cognitive disorders. In-patient care is provided for the more critically-ill children either on the general pediatric services or in the pediatric or neonatal intensive care units. These children may have infectious diseases, post-infectious/autoimmune disorders, post-traumatic brain disorders, intractable epilepsies and complex systems medicine disorders causing or contributing to brain disorders. We provide fetal neurology consultations as part of the fetal care center at McDonnell Hospital for Women. Six general pediatric neurologists and two pediatric epileptologists provide a broad range of clinical expertise ranging from epilepsy, fetal/neonatal neurology, pediatric cerebrovascular disease, metabolic-genetic disorders, sleep medicine, headaches, neuro-oncology, behavior/cognitive neurology and the care of children with complex multi-system conditions including those with cerebral palsy and spina bifida. We collaborate with a board-certified neurogeneticist within the Clinical Genetics division. We have strong collaborative ties with pediatric subspecialties in developmental-behavioral pediatrics and psychology, child psychiatry, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric sleep medicine, pediatric critical care, clinical genetics and pediatric comprehensive care. We integrate a systems-medicine approach with all pediatric medical disciplines, and have integrated programs with multiple centers of the University Hospitals Neurological Institute, providing continuity of care into adulthood. Two physician scientists direct full time research laboratories at Case University Medical School.

NIH and foundation awards support research disciplines in sleep maturation and seizures of the newborn, neurogenetics of microcephaly and ataxia telangtectasia, neurological complications of vaccinations, treatment of children with autistic disorders and Down's syndrome and computer-driven neurology teaching programs. We have received multiple awards for teaching and curriculum development, with regular participation in national professional conferences.