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UH ENT Institute Ranked Among Nation's Best

Bilateral Sequential Cochlear Implant Procedure

Featured in MedPage Today: Watch as Dr. Cliff Megerian and Dr. Gail Murray perform a bilateral sequential cochlear implant procedure in a 3-year old boy.

Treatment of High Grade Posterior Glottic Stenosis with Joint Ankylosis

Watch a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Mark Weidenbecker on a 12-year-old tracheostomy-dependent child presented with severe posterior glottic stenosis and vocal cord joint ankylosis due to intubation injury. He underwent cricoarytenoid joint release with interpositional piriform sinus mucosal flap reconstruction and was able to be decannulated shortly thereafter with normal laryngeal function.

Demystifying Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome

New national EVA patient registry will clarify prognosis, identify risk factors for EVA-related hearing loss. Dr. Todd Otteson presents the goal of the patient registry generated at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital for patients with hearing loss due to EVA will provide valuable clinical information regarding prognosis, activities that may cause progression of hearing loss, and the efficacy of any treatments.

Endonasal Excellence

A rare surgery results in great outcomes for a young NF-2 patient. Endoscopic techniques have allowed for minimal morbidity with maximal access for benign and malignant neoplasms of the sinuses and skull base. Dr. Kenneth Rodriquez is employing this technology today.