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Integrity Hotline

For anonymous reporting of professional misconduct call: 1-866-483-9367
Information regarding the anonymous integrity hotline

The university's mission of excellence in education, research and clinical service depends upon the integrity of the Case community. Members of our community are responsible for upholding our shared values by reporting unethical or illegal conduct to supervisors or appropriate university officials

Vertebrate Animal Research Subjects

IACUC Office
Tami McCourt - Administrator
CWRU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

ARC Office
Justin Donnelly - Head of Administrative Services
Animal Resource Center

Research that involves Vertebrate Animal Research Subjects requires the approval and oversight by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local animal welfare laws and regulations. The Animal Resource Center (ARC) is here to support researchers with expertise, space, and materials regarding animal housing, health, and husbandry.

Anonymous Reporting of Animal Welfare Concerns

Any concerns about animal misuse may be reported by completing an Animal Incident Report Form. These forms are also available in the animal facility and in the IACUC office. Completed forms can be signed, or submitted anonymously to the Post Approval Monitoring (PAM) Coordinator, askPAM@case.edu. The IACUC is mandated to protect the identity of reporting individuals who wish to remain anonymous. The form and procedure provides for anonymity through the use of a pseudonym. Reporting individuals who wish to inquire about their reports should use the pseudonym in correspondence.

Human Research Subjects

Kim Volarcik - Executive Director, Research Compliance
Human Research Protection Program

Research and Clinical Trials that involve Human Research Subjects requires the approval and oversight of an Institutional Review Board (IRB). At CWRU your research could require the oversight of one or more IRB based on the scope of the research and site of the study. Consult the Human Research Protection Program Website for advice and information on work that involves Human Research Subjects.

Recombinant DNA and Infectious Agents

JC Scharf-Deering - Assistant Director, Research Compliance
CWRU Institutional Biosafety Committee

Research that involves recombinant DNA, synthetic nucleic acids, viruses, or biohazardous agents requires the approval and oversight of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). At CWRU the IBC is managed by Central Research Administration.

Chemical and Environmental Safety

Marc Rubin - Senior Director of Safety Services, Chemical Safety Officer
CWRU Environmental Health and Safety

The CWRU Environment Health and Safety Office is there to provide advice, training, assistance, and oversight with regard to Radiation Safety, Chemical Safety, Laboratory Safety, Laser Safety, Use of Personal Protective Equipment, Hazardous Material disposal, Fire Safety, and Plant Safety.

Stem Cells

JC Scharf-Deering - Assistant Director, Research Compliance
CWRU Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee

The use of human pluripotent stem cells at CWRU requires the oversight and approval of the Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee.

Conflict of Interest

Richard Cole - Director, Conflict of Interests Committee
CWRU Conflict of Interest Committee

The University's policies on conflicts of interest is aimed at preserving the integrity of the University and its members while maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The administration of these policies is handled by the Conflict of Interests Committee

Research Integrity and Research Misconduct

Tracy Wilson-Holden - Research Integrity Officer
CWRU Research Integrity Officer
Responsible Conduct of Research

Research misconduct is defined as fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research, or in reporting research results. Maintaining integrity of our research programs is of the utmost importance at CWRU. Training, Advice, Investigations, and Policy review is handled by Central Research Administration.s Research Integrity Office.

Export Control

Lisa Palazzo - Director of Export Control and Privacy Management
CWRU Export Control Office

Dissemination of knowledge and technology as part of the CWRU research enterprise must be done in a manner consistant with U.S. national security objectives. Federal Export Control laws affect a broad range of research activities. Oversight and training of the CWRU Export Control Program is handled by the University Compliance Office in the Office of General Counsel. The Export Compliance Manual is available here: Export Compliance Manual

Matt DeVries MS MS has been the Research Compliance Specialist in the School of Medicine since September 2012. Matt has worked in Research Compliance since 2007 with direct administrative experience in IACUC, IBC, Conflict of Interest, and Research Integrity. For guidance and advice regarding any research compliance concern in the School of Medicine, please contact Matt at mpd35@case.edu, or 216-368-1266.

Matt DeVries


Export Compliance Manual

CWRU-VAMC Research Procedures 2016-2017

VA Research Form 1