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Requirements + Guidelines: Research Tipsheet

Get the requirements, guidelines and deadlines you need here!

View M1's research orientation meeting held 10/2/17 and M2's research block meeting held 10/3/17.

M1's Summer Research Class Meeting

Class of 2021 (video 10/2/17)

M2's Research Block Class Meeting

Class of 2020 (video 10/3/17)


Research Block is 4 months (submit all documents through the eCurriculum)

How the research block is evaluated?  The following documents are required and must be submitted through eCurriculum > research portal > click required 4-month research tab>click either research proposal, progress report 1, progress report 2 and upload your document. Please Note: if you miss your scheduled due dates from the schedule you submitted the system will not let you upload please send an email to and your dates will be extended so that you will be able to upload your documents..
  • Proposal (due 6 weeks before research block begins)
  • 2 Progress reports are required (after 2 months and 4 months of research)
  • Thesis (due Feb 28th M4 year)
  • Students must be evaluated by their research mentor at midpoint and at the end of their 16 week required research block. Please use the Mentor Evaluation of Medical Student Research Form [pdf].

Find out how your thesis is graded [pdf] »

If you have published a first author manuscript for your researh during medical school, it counts as your MD Thesis. In order for your publication to be accepted as your thesis the actual pdf article must be submitted through eCurriculum >click on the "Thesis/Project/Publication" tab>click "First Author Publication" > upload your pdf.

Thesis Directions

Formatting requirements:

  • 8.5-by-11-inch paper size.
  • Double-spaced text throughout.
  • Single-column format for abstract through discussion sections. Single-column format for title, references, footnotes, figure legends and tables.
  • One-inch left and right margins and 0.25-inch spacing between columns.
  • 11-point Arial font.
  • Number all pages, including those with figures

A student's research is presented as a formal written thesis during the fourth year and must fulfill the following minimal requirements:

  • Title Page
  • Summary (in abstract form)
  • Critical review & citation of the work of previous investigators (introduction)
  • Valid research design (methods)
  • Evidence of mastery of appropriate methodology, including description (methods)
  • Presentation & analysis of research data (Results)
  • Conclusions supported by the data (Discussion)
  • Literature presentation & complete bibliography (References)

Detailed Guidelines


  • Should succinctly and clearly describe the major findings reported in the manuscript.
  • Avoid specialized terms and make sure to define all acronyms.
  • Must not exceed 250 words.


  • Presents the purpose of the study and its relationship to earlier work in the field.
  • Should not be an extensive review of the literature.
  • Usually less than one formatted page.

Experimental procedures

  • Brief but sufficiently complete to permit a qualified reader to repeat the experiments.
  • Procedures should be described in detail.
  • Previously published procedures should be referenced.
  • Modifications of previously published procedures should not be given in detail except where necessary to repeat the work.
  • Quantification of gel or blot intensities must be performed with data obtained within a linear range of exposure.


  • Presented in figures, tables or text.
  • Used proper statistical methods for analysis


  • Concise (usually less than two formatted pages).
  • Focused on the interpretation of the results. How does your study move the field forward?
  • Should not repeat information in the "Results" section. Does your data support previous studies in this field?


  • Cited in text by number only.
  • References should include article titles.
  • Numbered consecutively in the order of appearance