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Research Block

How to get started!

Identify an area of interest (year 1, year 2) - What are you passionate about?

  • Read scientific journals
  • Talk to 3rd and 4th year students
  • Was there an area of interest from Clinical Immersion Weeks in years 1 & 2?
  • Talk with your Society Deans for suggestions

Identify and contact potential research block mentors (Year 1, 2)

Pick mentor above research topic.

"...The truly complete mentor." This is "a single individual who is able to serve as an advisor/guide, developer of talent/coach, opener of doors/advocate, role model, interpreter of organizational or professional rules, protector, rule setter/boss - and carries on all of these functions on a long term basis."

Most students will e-mail potential research mentors to request an appointment to discuss the possibility of participating in their research clinic/lab.

Only 35% concordance of mentored research end up in the same residency specialty field.