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Lepow Day:

Lepow Day is scheduled for September 20, 2018 at Tinkham Veale University Center and is for any student who has engaged in research during the course of his/her medical school career. We invite you to share any study, in any field (basic research, clinical/translational research, health services, medical education research, policy-oriented analysis, etc.), using any methodology (quantitative or qualitative).   All students who have received funding for summer research from the CWRU School of Medicine or any outside funding agency are required to present at Lepow Day, at least once, during their tenure as a student at CWRU and as a condition of their fellowship support. More Details.

Research Requirement:

There is a 4 month of completed research required for graduation. The student works with a research mentor to develop a research project, implement the study, analyze the data, and write an MD Thesis. During the 4 month period the student uploads to e-curriculum their research proposal, 2 progress reports, summary of their research and the MD Thesis. The MD thesis is written as a scientific paper and is reviewed by faculty members.

Why is there a requirement for the MD Thesis?

This experience is considered an important and essential phase of our curriculum which is designed to promote the development of critical judgment, habits of self-education and imagination, as well as the acquisition of knowledge and research skills. Completing a MD thesis also can give you a competitive edge when applying for residency.

Why perform summer research?

During the summer between M1 and M2 years the students are encouraged to participate in mentored summer research. Students submit proposals before the summer research begins. There are limited stipends available that are distributed on merit of the written proposals.

Students who perform summer research and continue with the same mentor for their research block are ~ 20% more likely to publish their findings.