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Summer Funding

It is the policy of the Medical Student Research Office that students can only receive funding from one source since funding opportunities are so limited. Also, If awarded the Rottman fellowship it must be used in that calendar year and cannot be deferred.

Summer Research Opportunities

The summer following year 1 is ten weeks long, allowing time for research or other activities. This period provides an opportunity to test a new area of interest or to pursue a longstanding one. Opportunities for research are numerous.

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Year-Out Research

Students in the University Program may elect to spend a year pursuing their research interests. Any type of basic or clinical research is possible. This additional year is strongly recommended and is an excellent way to continue thesis work and to expand students' abilities and experience in research. No tuition is charged for this fifth year, but only an administrative fee. This research year may occur after the second or the third year of medical school, and generally extends from July to June.

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