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Physiology & Biophysics Mentors

Faculty  Position Research Interest Contact Info
Jessica M. Berthiaume, PhD Adjunct Professor/
Instructor (Stelzer Lab)
Cardiac energy metabolism and the associated signaling pathways of the heart
Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD Professor, Chair Regulation of intracellular pH, gas channels
Matthias Buck, MA, DPhil Professor Protein-Protein Interactions in Cell Signaling of small GTPases, Plexin and Eph receptors
Sudha Chakrapani, PhD Asst. Professor Understanding the role of structure and dynamics in the functioning of ion channels
George R. Dubyak, PhD Professor Signal transduction by extracellular nucleotides in inflammation and immunity
Christopher P. Ford, PhD Asst. Professor Regulation of Dopamine Synaptic Transmission
Jeffrey L. Garvin, PhD Professor Regulation of nephron transport, salt-sensitive hypertension and cross-talk between tubules and vessels
Stephen W. Jones, PhD Professor Voltage-dependent ion channels
Joseph C. LaManna, PhD Professor Cerebral angiogenesis, blood flow & metabolism
Fraser J. Moss, PhD Instructor (Boron Lab) Molecular mechanisms sensing and regulating physiological pH
Tingwei Mu, PhD Asst. Professor Proteostasis of membrane proteins in health and disease
Xin Qi, PhD Asst. Professor Mitochondrial dysfunction in disease
Rajesh Ramachandran, PhD Asst. Professor Molecular mechanisms of membrane remodeling, fission and fusion in endocytosis and mitochondrial dynamics
Andrea Romani, MD, PhD Assoc. Professor Regulation of magnesium homeostasis and transport in mammalian cells
William P. Schilling, PhD Professor Structure, function, and regulation of mammalian TRPC channels Mechanisms of Ca2+ dyshomeostasis during oxidative stress
Corey Smith, PhD Professor Regulation of the sympatho-adrenal stress response.
Julian E. Stelzer, PhD Asst. Professor Cellular and molecular mechanisms of cardiac muscle contraction in health and disease
Witold K. Surewicz, PhD Professor Molecular basis of prion diseases and other disorders of protein misfolding
Kui Xu, MD, PhD Instructor (LaManna Lab) Brain hypoxia and ischemia